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Höstsonaten + Joe Payne

27 Mar

That Joe Payne (Ex The Enid) joined Höstsonaten on the stage of Z-Fest 2018 for a moving version of “The rime of the ancient mariner, part 3”.

HÖSTSONATEN at Z-Fest 2018

14 Mar

Finally, at 10:45 pm, HÖSTSONATEN will perform a long anthological set celebrating the group’s 20-year recording history. With a big line-up on the stage, practically a symphonic rock orchestra, the group will look back over some of the most exciting pages in the history of this project created by Fabio Zuffanti in 1996, with the participation of surprise guests adding to the attractions of the evening’s packed programme.

Tha other artist involved in Z-Fest 2018 will be Joe Payne (ex The Enid), ISproject and Heather Findlay (ex Mostly Autumn)

Other infos at:

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Höstsonaten in Quebec!

8 Mag

host canada

Höstsonaten’s “Symphony # 1: Cupid & Psyche”is available NOW

9 Apr


Höstsonaten’s new album, “Symphony # 1: Cupid & Psyche”is available NOW on paperleeve vinyl replica CD, gatefold purple clear gatefold LP and VERY limited edition CD BOX (only 2 remaining). You can hear THE WHOLE ALBUM on the AMS Records YouTube channel


If you want to buy it just click here:


Höstsonaten “Symphony # 1: Cupid & Psyche”

9 Mar

Höstsonaten “Symphony # 1: Cupid & Psyche”, available on CD and LP from April 8 on AMS Records. For sale in a special limited edition at the Z – Fest!


Höstsonaten “Symphony #1: Cupid & Psyche” out in April 2016

11 Feb

il nuovo Höstsonaten “Cupid & Psyche” uscirà l’8 aprile, in cd e vinile per AMS Records. MA si potrà già acquistare (in edizione speciale limitatissima realizzata appositamente per l’evento) il 1 aprile durante la Z – Fest!

The new Höstsonaten “Cupid & Psyche” will be released on April 8, in cd and vinyl AMS Records. BUT you can already buy it (in a special limited edition specially made for the event) on April 1 during the Z – Fest!



Höstsonaten new album + new member!

6 Mag

Höstsonaten is a project that italian progmaster Fabio Zuffanti lead from 1996 composing all the music and choosing each time the appropriate musicians. From 2015 things change, Höstsonaten is no longer only Fabio Zuffanti but a duo in “co-management” with Luca Scherani (of La Coscienza Di Zeno) that lends from years his service as keyboardist, arranger, coordinator, etc…. On may 13 Zuffanti, Scherani and a large group of guest musicians will start recording the new Höstsonaten album entitled “Symphony # 1: Cupid & Psyche”. It will be a suite for band + orchestra that will lead Höstsonaten music towards an even more symphonic and majestic sound, with the electrical output of a band of star players. Stay in touch!

Luca Scherani & Fabio Zuffanti

(Photo by Fausto Sidri)

The end of the album is the most important part of it

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I (Fabio) like very much that the records end up “in glory”, and I have written many pompous endings for my albums. but the one I just finished for the next Hostsonaten beats them all. 


10 Set

Fabio Zuffanti is working on the composition of the new Höstsonaten. The album will consist of a long suite for group and orchestra arranged by Luca Scherani and will be released during 2015.