Höstsonaten is a musical project that revolves around the figure of progressive rock Italian musician Fabio Zuffanti. Höstsonaten has released seven albums (plus a collection of rarities and a live cd+dvd) of symphonic progressive rock with the participation of many guest musicians. The group’s name comes from Ingmar Bergman’s Autumn Sonata movie and its components, as well as Zuffanti, are extremely variable. The first two albums “Hostsonaten” (1996) and “Mirrorgames” (1998), products from Mellow Records, were followed by other four (products from AMS records from 2002 to 2011) that form a saga about the seasons. The four parts of this great work called “SeasonsCycle Suite” consist of “Summereve” (Part 1), “Autumnsymphony” (Part 2), “Winterthrough” (part 3) and “Springsong” (Part 4). After this massive project Zuffanti gets to work on the musical version of Samuel Taylor Colerdge’s poem “The rime of the ancient mariner”. The disc contains the first four parts of the work comes out in 2012 for AMS records. In 2015 Zuffanti invite keyboardist and arranger Luca Scherani to join him in the project. At this moment Zuffanti & Scherani are starting recording the new album “Symphony # 1: Cupid & Psyche”. It will be a suite for group and orchestra that will lead Höstsonaten music towards an even more symphonic and majestic sound, with the electrical output of a band of star players.



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