The end of the album is the most important part of it

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I (Fabio) like very much that the records end up “in glory”, and I have written many pompous endings for my albums. but the one I just finished for the next Hostsonaten beats them all. 



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Fabio Zuffanti is working on the composition of the new Höstsonaten. The album will consist of a long suite for group and orchestra arranged by Luca Scherani and will be released during 2015.



Fabio Zuffanti talks about ALIVE IN THEATRE with clips of the show.

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HöSTSONATEN “The rime of the ancient mariner: Alive in Theatre” DVD + CD Out NOW!

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The great dream of Fabio Zuffanti from the composition of the music on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “The rime of the mariner ancoent” was to transpose the whole opera in a theatrical version giving people a version that could visualize the magic words and the music of the poem. Thanks to the meeting with genoese director Susanna Tagliapietra, author of the great achievements in the field of the musical with his versions of “Aida” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”, the dream has become reality. Susanna has helped to bring alive the musical world of Zuffanti creating a multimedia work and reproducing on stage the supernatural universe of Coleridge with multimedia elements, dance and stage actions. The first of the show was held last December 16, 2012 in the prestigious Teatro Verdi in Genoa getting a great success. From evening is taken this double album containing a DVD with the shooting of the show (and a funny backstage) and a CD with the audio recording of the evening. Compared to the studio version, published on CD last year, the theatrical version contains many new arrangements and a completely new piece (“Interlude”).


The trailer for “The rime of the ancient mariner – Alive in theatre” DVD + CD

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The trailer for “The rime of the ancient mariner – Alive in theatre” DVD+CD by HOSTSONATEN. Recorded live at Verdi theatre. Genoa, Italy.

Out June 15 on AMS- BTF Vinyl Magic

Trailer by Sibecomunicazione
Live Sound by Rox Villa and Alessandro Mazzitelli
Studio sound by Hilary Studio
DVD direction by Simone Besutti & Giulia Sanna
Thatrical direction by Susy Tagliapietra

“The rime of the ancient mariner” alive in theatre 2012

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Buy tickets online for “The rime of the ancient mariner” in theatre!

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Buy the tIckets HERE

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